Be a Sponsor

We are delighted to say that TAL Festival has taken to the internet and is open to everyone, anywhere so long as they have internet and a device to watch it on.

Contact Steve on 07712 090514 or email him at to find out more about being a Sponsor at TAL Festival

Why does anyone sponsor a Festival? 

Associating your organisation with a worthwhile event in your locality can be challenging and we appreciate that there are many things a company can do with its budgets. However, TAL Festival has run for ten years and last year we sold a record number of 4,100 tickets for some 40 events. To be part of such an event, held in the centre of Thame, gives an opportunity for an organisation to play a fundamental part in the social life of our town. 

Satisfaction. Involvement. Fun

Thame is a vibrant community that has grown substantially in recent years. TAL Festival aims to play its part in developing social cohesion by creating a wonderful event that draws people together and offers an opportunity to learn, to discuss and to enjoy art and literature in all its forms. Sponsors and Supporters play a major part in helping us to maintain accessible prices, be able to take risks with events and to deliver a friendly, professional and enjoyable Festival for everyone. 

It is simply huge amounts of fun. Every year we ask ourselves ‘how can we beat last year?’ and every year, every Festival finds it own voice. It cannot do that if it is not supported by the paying Festival Visitors, tens of volunteers who give their time because they enjoy it, and you. 

Whether you are able to be a Festival Partner, or an Event Sponsor, or an Advertiser, we, and the Festival Visitors, remain spectacularly grateful that you and your organisation are able and willing to support this wonderful event that takes place every year in our town. 

Festival Sponsor : Partners

We welcome Partners for all aspects of our Festival either from organisations with a particular interest or involvement or as part of a CSR* budget and work with you to agree a Partner Package that works specifically for you in terms of involvement, recognition and engagement. We also hope that you will enjoy being part of, and of helping to make, TAL Festival a hugely successful contributor to Thame’s life. 

Key questions to help us develop a Partner Package : 

What products or services do you supply that may be of interest to Festival Visitors ? How could your products or services help us manage the Festival more easily ?  How might your organisation use your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budget to benefit the Festival Visitors specifically and Thame in general?  What would be an appropriate level of involvement for your organisation and staff? What level of recognition would you like to achieve as a Festival Partner? How would you like to engage with our audience ? (eg. Digital Presence, Stands, Printed Media, Offers, etc.) 

Once we have worked out a Partner Package, we can put a value to it and agree a level of support . We look forward to working with you to delivering an inspiring, worthwhile and fun event in Thame in 2020. 

Call our Marketing Manager, Steve Bannister, on 07712 090514 to discuss.