Hannah 1Sophie Hannah has been commissioned by the estate of Agatha Christie to write the next chapter in the life of the famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot.

Find out how you begin to pick up the pen of one of the most famous crime writers of all time and step into the very polished shoes of this incredible detective.


MulhollandThe true story of one of nineteenth-century London’s most notorious murderers and revolutionaries. On 8 December 1854, Emmanuel Barthélemy visited 73 Warren Street in the heart of radical London for the very last time. In just half an hour, two innocent men would be dead. The newspapers of Victorian England were soon in a frenzy. Who was this foreigner come to British shores to slay two upstanding subjects? As Oxford historian, Marc Mulholland, has uncovered, Barthélemy was no ordinary criminal. Rather, here was a dedicated activist fighting for the cause of the oppressed worker, a fugitive shaped by the storms of revolution, counterrevolution and a society in the midst of huge transformation. Following in Barthélemy’s footsteps, Mulholland leads us from the barricades of the French capital and the icy rooftops of a Parisian jail to the English fireside of Karl Marx, a misty duelling ground and the dangling noose of London’s Newgate prison, shining a light into a dark underworld of conspiracy, insurrection and fatal idealism. “The Murderer of Warren Street” is a thrilling portrait of a troubled man in troubled times – full of resonance for our own terrorised age.

THE CRIME PANELDave Sivers – Dave Sivers and the Oxford Chapter of the Crime Writers Association return with four spectacular crime writers to discuss Location, Location, Location.

Angela Buckley,          Michael Smith,          Peter Tickler,          Sarah Williams

Why is it so important to set the scene of your crime novel both geographically and historically? When it comes to crime fiction, ‘wheredunnit‘ can be as important as ‘whodunnit‘. Does that chocolate box village hide gruesome secrets behind the lace curtains? What dark horrors are brooding in the caves in the hills? What awaits you in the mist down that dead-end alley? Whether it’s mean streets or village greens that float your boat, this panel is for all crime fiction lovers, as members of the Oxford Chapter of the Crime Writers Association grapple with the importance of location in their genre. Come and hear from a group that knows where the bodies are buried!’




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