2.00pm : Lucinda Hawksley

Friday 16th : 2.00pm

Lizzie, Katey & Louise : 3 Remarkable Women

Lucinda Hawksley is an author and broadcaster. She brings us the fascinating stories behind three enigmatic and remarkable women artists of the 19th century. Kate Perugini (née Dickens), Princess Louise and Lizzie Siddal. In an age where women were not encouraged – their stories are brave, heart-warming and often tragic.

In 1849, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Siddal was working at Mrs. Tozer’s hat shop when she was introduced to the artists of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. It was the charismatic Dante Gabriel Rossetti who not only drew and painted her obsessively, but encouraged Lizzie in her own artwork and poetry. Their relationship was intense and rocky, with an informal engagement that lasted on and off for a decade.

Katey Dickens was a nineteenth-century artist and socialite, and the beautiful daughter of Charles Dickens. In this illuminating biography, Lucinda Hawksley, herself Dickens’ great-great-great-granddaughter, recreates the life of an extraordinarily determined girl who defied Victorian convention to live and love as an independent woman. Blessed with a privileged upbringing in a family that moved between London, France, Switzerland and Italy, Katey pursued her love of painting, acted in her father’s plays, modelled for John Everett Millais and, as the daughter of the most famous writer of the time, enjoyed a high profile in Victorian society. Yet, she refused to be eclipsed by her father and fought to establish herself as an artist in her own right

Art and life, for Princess Louise, 6th child of Victoria and Albert, were intimately connected. Her friends and associates included Rossetti, Millais, Whistler and, more controversially, George Eliot (who was living in sin). Her clothes were fashionable, her jewellery sometimes homemade. A supporter of suffrage for women, she was in touch with both Josephine Butler and Elizabeth Garrett. No wonder, then, that she enjoyed her share of love affairs. No wonder, too, that she refused to be married off by her increasingly panicky mother to a European royal!

Lucinda’s other titles include art history, social history and books about her great great great grandfather, Charles Dickens. She has also written podcasts for Audible. Lucinda is a Patron of the Charles Dickens Museum in London and of the De Morgan Foundation.

Her upcoming book, Dickens and Travel, will be published by Pen & Sword Books. Find out more at www.lucindahawksley.com or @lucindahawksley.