1.30pm : Clover Stroud

Saturday 17th 1.30pm

My Wild and Sleepless Nights, a Mother’s Story

My Wild and Sleepless Nights is a deeply personal account of what it means to be a mother. Unflinching and brutally honest, Clover Stroud, the mother of five children aged between one and seventeen, describes how she has navigated motherhood across two decades, both losing and finding herself in the process.

This is a book for all mothers, from those just exploring the idea to those who have given birth and those whose children are beginning to leave home. It is a lyrical, reflective, funny and moving look at the tension that exists between wanting to be a good mother, while holding on to the person with all the desires and longings that you had before. 

Quite simply the best book about motherhood ever. Touching, tender, honest and true. The Sunday Times

Clover Stroud makes a welcome return to TAL with My Wild and Sleepless Nights. Her first book, The Wild Other, was shortlisted for The Wainwright Prize and she is a regular contributor to the Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph and Conde Nast Traveller among other publications.

Clover lives in Oxfordshire with her husband and five children.

She will be interviewed at DigiTAL by journalist Kerry Potter