6.30pm : Tim Ecott

Sunday 18th 6.30pm

The Land of Maybe, A Faroe Islands Year

Tim Ecott’s latest book captures the essence of ‘slow life’ on the eighteen windswept islands that make up the Faroes. Closer to the UK than Denmark, the Faroes are home to a close-knit society of 50,000 people whose Viking roots, language and way of life are unlike any other in Scandinavia. 

Tim leads us through the seasons in this volatile natural environment, where people still hunt seabirds and herd pilot whales for much of their basic food needs. He writes movingly about the people, the treeless mountains, the tempestuous weather and the unique taste of mutton fermented by fjord winds.

The Faroes offer a refuge from the freneticism of modern life, helping us find balance in our lives. The book isn’t a travelogue, it is an exploration of existence in a tough landscape and a study of people who have a deep connection to the past and a powerful bond with the natural world.

Tim Ecott is a former BBC World Service correspondent who has worked widely in Africa and the Indian Ocean. He writes widely for radio, screen and newspapers, drawing on his fondness for the natural world. His books include the international bestseller, Neutral Buoyancy: Adventures in a Liquid World

Tim will be in conversation with journalist Alex Preston