Thame Remembers


Book Cover Fallen versionTAL Festival is proud to be associated with this wonderful exercise in community remembrance.

This year represents the culmination of a major effort by David Bretherton, Mike Dyer and many others to locate and recognise the graves of every person listed on the Thame War Memorial.

With the help of people from all over the world, including some very dangerous places, the team were able to trace and place a special cross either specifically on each man’s grave or in the area where they are known to have died.

(Editors Note : We were privileged to be able to find the Diaries-main-image-Q-6534graves of two young men from Thame who died in Italy. It was an humbling experience to have a connection, even in such a small way, to the men and to play our part in the exercise)

The story of how they planned and executed this and the experiences of those who took part in tracking down the final resting places is commemorated in this excellent book, compiled by David Bretherton and Alan Hickman.


Join the Thame Remembers Team for a review of the search and to hear some of the stories of those who found out where they all were, those who went looking for them and those who never came back.



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