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Whatever you do – don’t miss “DJs & PJs” on Festival Friday evening. Here we are with Opera Anywhere in the studio, recording the tracks for the evening’s spectacular. If you have been to our Glyndebarn Concerts in Thame then you will know what to expect. Its Opera (beautiful Opera) – but not as you’ve ever seen it before!!

We’re delighted to welcome Lucinda Hawksley to TAL Festival this year. Apart from having a rather famous Great Great Great Grandfather, Lucinda has written the biographies of three remarkable women artists of the 19th century. Don’t miss her wonderful story of these women’s lives.

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TAL Festival will be available live on the internet in October.

It will be different however we remain dedicated to bringing amazing speakers and to make the experience as enjoyable as we possibly can

If you can’t come to TAL Festival then TAL Festival will come to you.

From the comfort of your own home, you can join us at talks, music events, discussions. Using the magic of the internet, you can still ask questions of the authors and buy signed copies of their books.

We look forward to seeing you in October.

Put the dates in your diary 15th-18th October 2020

Don’t worry if you have never been to an online event. Connecting is simplicity itself and we will be available to help you if you need us. All you need is a PC, Laptop, or iPad, iPhone or Android – or a friend with one of them!

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The arts in general have been decimated by the Virus and we are aware that many organisations have asked for your help.

We have built a unique experience in Thame over the last ten years and hope to be able to do so for the next ten.

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